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About the Institute of Physics Publishing Journals
Institute of Physics Publishing is an established leader in the world of scientific journals. Authors of journal articles are supplied with 25/50 free offprints of their articles and there are no page charges. Readers benefit from the rigorous refereeing procedures, prompt publication and rapid response to research developments, ensuring that the journals are timely, topical and fully validated.

First launched in 1996, the service leads the way in scientific electronic publishing. All journals are available online weeks ahead of print publication at no additional charge to subscribing institutions. Full text access with maths and graphics is available to subscribed titles, with current tables of contents freely available to unsubscribed and unregistered visitors. In addition, a variety of practical and time-saving features are available, including: powerful searching and browsing, a range of viewing and printing options, personalization, e-mail alerting and a virtual filing cabinet. Visit the Electronic Journals service now to find out more. Electronic Journals Information for registering your site is also available.


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